Workplace EV Chargepoint Grants

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There are 2 grants available for workplace EV chargepoint installation – but you need to act fast to take advantage.

Part of our job here is raising awareness in cost saving benefits through grants and various funding solutions. In most cases, businesses we speak to aren’t aware of them, or if they are aware of them, they don’t have the time / inclination to look into it. 

Today we want to make you aware that the government are currently running two grant schemes which run side by side and that your business is eligible for.

The two grants available are for the installation of workplace EV Chargepoints BUT – and it’s a big BUT – the government are withdrawing them at the end of March this year.

Who are eligible for the grants, and what are they?

Your business is eligible whether you have an EV – or whether your staff have EV’s – or not. 

The reality is that it is inevitable that 

The WCS, OZEV Grant

The first grant is the WCS, OZEV Grant.

This is a straight forward £350.00 per socket grant system, so even if you have one of our partners dual chargers, you will still qualify for the two sockets and get the £700.00.

There is a cap of 40 x sockets, so a possible £14,000.00 grant is available. But for this exercise, we are going to work on just 1 x 22kw Dual Charger, just to keep it simple.

DVLA Infrastructure Grant

The second Grant available is the DVLA Infrastructure Grant.

This is a great Grant and is aimed at encouraging businesses to get the infrastructure in place now, to future proof your car park for a later date.

Its really simple, for each car park space we can put the infrastructure in and for most this is just ensuring the ducting is present.

For this, you receive a whopping £500.00 and you can have a maximum 10 x Grants PER SITE – not per company – so if you have multiple sites within your business, you can claim 10 Grants per site.

So how does this all look?

Let’s say you were going to install just one of the 22kw Dual Chargers our partners install – which is a single unit that allows 2 cars to charge from one charger.

Our partners then put the cable ducting in for the remaining 8 car park spaces in your car park.

In total you will receive; 

  • an OZEV grant of 2 x £350.00 and
  • an Infrastructure Grant of 10 x £500.00 a total of £5700.00 per site!

In a lot of cases this would easily cover the whole installation – including all the groundwork, the charger unit and full certification of the install.

Hassle-free process when using our partners.

Not only that, you barely have to lift a finger.

Our partners will do all the relevant paperwork on your behalf and walk you through everything. 

They will supply you all the training for the accompanying APP and they can even set up your back house management system for you ensuring you are getting the very best from your new EV Chargepoint installation.

It really is the very best time to get your business future- proofed for the inevitable fast approaching world of Electric Vehicles. Don’t forget, these grants will end at the end of March 2024, so you need to act NOW.

Help us to Help You

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