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What is the real cost of coaching?

Yet, what is the cost of coaching compared to the cost of not having it?

Coaching helps you focus on now, what you need to do next, where you are heading so you stay on track. It might seem costly but the VALUE is immense – new outlooks, improved habits that work for you that you can’t unlearn – but you can always learn new ones with the techniques and knowledge you gain about yourself from the coaching process with me.

The cost of not having the coaching you are considering is staying where you are, in uncertainty, doubt, overthinking, stress. How much is your peace of mind worth, your goals achieved and a future life you are happy to live?

Value – Vs – Cost.

Coaching is often charged for value -v- an hourly rate but that is OK to work that out too, because that is how it might be familiar or a monthly charge/cost/value. Where would you be in a month compared to now or a year on?

The value of journalling? Or talking – both help you to process information more fully, not just a half thought that pops in to your mind, creating the angst and worry, the overthinking again and again – the emotional reaction that isn’t helpful (or so you think).

It is however, learning on your behalf, pulling every bit of helpful insight and understanding to use in future and either avoid this or similar situations or manage them more effectively should they arise for you.

And yes, for you. Your unconscious mind works just for you, not anyone else! What they think, believe, expect from you doesn’t matter – it simply matters what you think of yourself and what you need.

Coaching takes managers From Stress to Success with our programme – a day on site or online for your managers to pop in and work through their own performance management issues with their team or their own workload and life balance perhaps.

The Cost Savings

Cost of Burnt out Management

The cost of burned out managers impacts on their team, success and goal achievement, timely customer satisfaction on the managed projects – or not.

Cost of Time Off Sick

The cost of time off sick i.e. unable to provide productive service to the company – due to ill physical health when run down, too much to do or balance, little support or valued appreciation that makes it all worthwhile;

Cost of Distractions

The cost of distractions that are a symptom of stress in the workplace or homelife – either will impact the other. A flexible, considerate approach will allow your managers to get back on track in less time than the distractions + sick leave + return to work catch up and wariness on all sides of ‘will it happen again’.

Cost of Failing To Pre-empt and Support.

The cost of not taking preventative, supportive action is really now going to be worth it! EAP services help but with emotional stress not performance or productivity related stress – that is a coaching remit.

Sometimes all a manager needs is a new perspective, space to talk and think it over, process it and come to a decision about the best approach to the problem. That is their role.

The Value of On-going Support and the Key Roles of an Effective Coach

A coach will support people to find just what works for them, to meet their unique needs, balance their values, best understand and then utilise their talents and tendencies, their particular skillset.

Although Coaching doesn’t delve into past issues these will potentially be the problem at hand brought into play in work relationships and roles and as qualified counsellor experience too, I would hold this with clients and help them move forward with it and despite it – sometimes because of it!

That helps people be whole, holistically manage their strengths and limiting beliefs, their range of experiences to bring into play in work too.

Understanding the mind – conscious and unconscious, roles and behaviours – your managers’ personal development plays into their professional development and success too.

Managing the overthinking becomes easier when understood, techniques for reducing stress and making it manageable will help them and help them help their team too.

The thing is, coaching will help managers see the issues, understand it, emotionally ‘get it’ and be able to work with the mindset, not fight against it.

They will learn to wield the personal power with these insights and help their team to do the same for a win-win and successful team achievements all round!

Julie Crowley – Mindset Coach, NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner

Julie is a Mindset Coach, NLP & Hypnosis Practioner at ClearMind – providing personal coaching for business professionals.

Based in Saddleworth, near Oldham, Julie’s motto is “Removing barriers, Building dreams – Resolving problems, Building teams” and is available for face-to-face or online appointments.

Help us to Help You

To find out more about Julie’s services feel free to drop us a line and we would be more than happy to introduce you to Julie – or please feel free to find out more about Clearmind on the previous link provided. 

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