The Importance of Cybersecurity for Businesses

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Increasing Cybersecurity Awareness for SME’s.

Whilst we focus on energy costs savings and efficiency, we are also happy to share information from within our network of connections where we believe invaluable advice can be passed onto readers of our blog. 

In a recent networking session, Phil Pugh from Adept CTS highlighted the importance of Cybersecurity for SMEs in the modern age. What was more concerning however, was the impact of NOT taking appropriate action, and the implications this can have. 

So what is Cybersecurity, and what measures should a company be taking?

Cybersecurity Awareness – It’s EVERYONE’s Responsibility.

Cybersecurity awareness is a multi-dimensional culture involving your entire organisation. Your IT professional to every member of staff, being mindful of cybersecurity in day-to-day situations.

Being aware of the dangers of browsing the web, checking email, and interacting online are all critically important because even the most advanced technical solutions cannot prevent people from making a poor security decision.

A Positive Security Culture

As business owners it’s important to create a positive security culture in which all members of staff consider cybersecurity an essential part of their role.

A positive security culture, where people understand their role in maintaining security, actively take part and contribute to improvement in security is more than guidelines.

What Cybersecurity Measures Should Be Taken?

Although a good starting point is through written guidelines and training, active and continuous communication with people in your organisation is key.

Teaching the people in your organisation about how they use the network and information systems and how it relates to their own role at work is essential.

When it comes to managing cybersecurity for our businesses, Cyber Essentials along with the best software solutions is key.

A Cyber Security specialist can secure your business from a technical standpoint. It can also be customised and objectively measured.

For further help and assistance to develop your own organisations security culture, it makes perfect sense to choose a qualified specialist.

Find out more about Cybersecurity.

If you would like to find out more about Cybersecurity then please complete the form below – or contact Phil Pugh on 0191 341 0125 for a FREE CONSULTATION. IF you have any cybersecurity questions then please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page, and we will forward them onto Phil.

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