How I felt the fear, and did it anyway.

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Fighting the Fear – My Recent Appearance on MCR SEO Podcast as Bencorp Looks To Raise Awareness.

One of the biggest issues Bencorp – infact pretty much any new business faces – is not only getting infront of more people, but also building a level of trust and authority. So when the opportunity to appear on the rapidly emerging MCR SEO podcast arose, it was too good to turn down.

But, here’s the rub! I’ve not done a podcast before. Whilst the opportunity was fantastic – it did mean that as someone who continually battles with anxiety, self-esteem and self-doubt issues, it wasn’t going to be easy for me. So how did I get on?

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Having spoken to Pod-host James Crisall a couple of times before the day of recording, I headed down to Macclesfield on a rainy Friday morning not really knowing what to expect. Sitting and talking about your business – how hard can it be right?

Bizarrely, driving down I wasn’t that nervous.

Despite my inherently anxious, over-thinking, self-conscious traits, I have made numerous appearances over the years in various facets on various media including TV and live on stage infront of thousands of people as part of a band – so sitting and having a camera pointing at me and talking about Bencorp should be a doddle.

As I neared Macclesfield, the reality dawned. And then the nerves started taking hold. Even parking up in a large car park over the road with lots of spaces became a stressful mission.

But, I was on time – so that was good.

I just had to find the building now. And then record the session. And then hope it’s ok and I do myself justice. And not look too fat. Or sound too Manc. And get home in the rain past that huge puddle developing on the dual carriageway without aqua-planing and spinning off into a field. No panic. Really.

With all of these things racing through my head – I found myself phoning James and saying “I’m outside”.

Recording the Pod.

The studio is in a rather splendid old Sunday School building. Large wooden staircases, old oak doors with twisty door knobs and that rather clunky latch sound you just don’t get these days. It’s a marvellous building, steeped in history and then as James lead the way up the stairs, we come to a a door which opens to reveal the studio.

The studio is a really cool set-up. An MCR SEO branded screen providing a simple backdrop, two mics, some incredible looking cakes (I resisted I promise!). And yet the modern digital set-up in such a historic building doesn’t feel out of place at all.

Stephanie Newton, a wellbeing practicioner was finishing her Pod-recording session. Although it felt that I’d interrupted her session, which was fine with everyone, it did sound fascinating the bits that I caught and we’ll be looking to work with Stephanie at some point in the future – you can catch Stephanie’s episode here.

Once Stephanie had finished and introductions made, I sat down with James and honestly, he couldn’t have been more calming and re-assuring before we began.

As we got to the minute or so before going live I felt a rush to get up and say “sorry, I can’t do this” – but I told myself “STOP”. I held on to my thoughts. And we were live.

The best compliment I can make is that as the pod started, I became less aware of the microphones and the two cameras pointing at me. I can’t really remember what I talked about, it wasn’t scripted or planned – it was just me talking about the business and what we’re trying to do.

My nerves eased a little as the conversation wore on and despite what I guess is my dour exterior, inside my adrenalin was racing and pushing me through.

By the end it felt like it had flown by – it felt like I’d just had a catch up with a friend. I had actually really enjoyed it!

And Now…

Obviously now we have it back and it’s ready to share with you, I will pop the video below. We’re delighted with it. It’s my first ever podcast and the fact that I challenged myself to go there and do that, was in itself a huge personal achievement for me.

Hopefully for you it conveys some of the frankness with which I spoke – and that it comes across that Bencorp’s intent is to firstly help businesses with some of the pain-points they regularly come up against – and secondly, we like to push the edges, find new ideas, new solutions and give options to become at least a valuable resource for our clients.

We’re also a new company – we’re learning all the time – and in 12 months time I’m sure if I did this podcast again it would be completely different. For now though it’s helped me tackle a fear. I can and will be doing more of that and I know I will get better. 

Summing Up

What was interesting is that as a new business, having the opportunity to sit and talk through our business was an incredibly useful exercise too. It helped me realise that whilst we’ve come a long way in a short space of time, and we’re on an incredible journey, we’re really only at the start and there’s a long way to go to.

Overall, the experience was fantastic. I’d recommend it to anyone and if you have a story to share, I am more than happy to put you in touch with James.

As for James and his team. They are fantastic. Friendly and re-assuring, they make something which could otherwise be daunting – a fun and incredibly valuable session.

I already can’t wait to do an update on how we’re doing some day!

FOOTNOTE : I’m going to hit the gym so if I do go back I can have one of those cakes!

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