Tackling the Pain of Business Energy and Running Costs Head-On

We’re here to help the “Sam” in your company.

Sam is a great example of someone who benefits from working with the Bencorp.

Sam is the person in a company tasked with reducing costs, improving efficiency, dealing with the bills, finding the best fit offers and problem solving amongst all the other day-to-day tasks involved in running a business.

In a world where there is so much noise surrounding energy, telecoms, insurances and pressures relating to reducing carbon footprints – it can be difficult for Sam to cut through the noise and get impartial advice. 

We deal with Sam’s from small businesses with a couple of members of staff all facing huge hikes in energy bills, to Sam’s who work at large asset management companies trying to find the best PPA rates.

If you recognise Sam in you, you should read on…


8 ways we can help

Starting in 2023, the Bencorp is already helping businesses save £000’s by connecting a wide range of solutions. Here are the 3 core reasons at the heart of why our members joined us.

Save Money

We are saving businesses £000’s in their annual outgoings by being pro-active and looking to immediate, short, mid and long-term solutions.

Save Time

Time is money – and by providing a central point of contact, we take all the heavy-lifting out of finding the right solutions for your business needs.

Increase Revenues

As well as saving money, we offer a broad range of solutions that will look to increase your revenues – from getting more your green energy, to finding funding.

Here to Help

It can be difficult to cut through the noise of all the emails about energy and telecoms. We’re here on the end of a phone to help you in a way that means something to you.


Identify Issues

We speak to many businesses where we highlight issues they not only didn’t realise they had, but had no way of knowing about them until they spoke to us.

Solve Problems

Within our club we have a wide portfolio of contacts who spend their days solving problems. If you have a business cost issue, tell us.


New Schemes

We regularly update members with new schemes and initiatives which could save money, save time and even earn additional revenue.

Free Initial Chat

You don’t have to be a member to contact us. We are happy to offer a free initial consultation to discuss your options.

The businesses Sam works for…

Our members cover a broad spectrum of the private and public sector. Here’s an idea of our typical member profile…

High Usage and Demand

For businesses with high usage (or green energy generation) and a high-level of business critical demand, our membership offers arguably the best savings / earnings. If this fits your profile we definitely need to speak to you.

High Spend / Spiralling Costs

Typically, most of our members have energy bills anything upwards of £50,000 up into the £millions per annum. That said, there isn’t a business we won’t speak to first to see if there is any scope for support if you aren’t spending as much.

Time-management / Bespoke Solutions

Businesses who struggle to find the time and resources to put together the right solutions for their business also make excellent members. Our willingness to put the time in and do the heavy-lifting offers immeasurable savings.

A Wide Range of Business Sectors

Our members come from a broad range of sectors – with manufacturing/processing, retail, hospitality, leisure, education, healthcare and public services all benefitting hugely from the solutions available.

Some of the tools in our toolbox…

We look to provide a bespoke set of solutions relevant to each member’s needs. Here are just some of the ways we can help.











Companies our partners have helped…

Local Authority in England Has Industrial Estate Using 100% of It's Own Green Energy

Working with one of our partners, a Local Authority is able to use the energy generated from solar sites within it’s area to power local businesses.

Over 140 companies on an industrial estate in the area reckon their local market trading, low-carbon electricity is slashing bills by between 20% and 90% – and this is all thanks to the energy generated locally – in effect creating it’s own microgrid using our partner’s Peer-2-Peer energy exchange platform.

Retail Betting Company Saved £234,000 Thanks to AI Energy Management

One of the Betting giants has managed to save £234,000 in a year on it’s energy bills having introduced one of our partner’s AI energy management platforms.

With managers receiving real-time updates on ways to reduce energy churn, reacting to issues identified by the platform – allowing for quicker actions and smarter savings.


Kitchen Manufacturer Sign Up to 100% Green Energy For Their 110,000sq ft Factory and Offices

This particular large kitchen manufacturing company typically uses around 1.5 million kiloWatt hours (kWh) of electricity to produce 150,000 kitchen units.

Switching to a Peer-2-Peer energy exchange will see a reduction of up to 300 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, based on the latest UK Government emission conversion factors.

This makes a huge contribution to the companies Net Zero targets as well as massively significant reductions in it’s energy costs.

Annual Savings of £225,000 for Hospital in South Yorkshire With a BESS / UPS system Upgrade

UPS systems are used to ensure critical care systems remain online in the case of a power disruption, it is vital that any proposed installations are tested to the most rigorous standards and will operate exactly as intended.

Traditional UPS suffers from significant losses, typically around 10% of their total capacity. For a typical hospital installation, this equates to around £262,000 in additional energy costs annually, as well as adding around 210 tonnes of CO2e to their carbon footprint.

In this case, our partners provided a UPS solution which incorporated a BESS – allowing for instant switching in electricity downtime – saving this particular hospital over £225,000 in losses, as well as being able to earn an additional £100,000 in revenue through Grid Services and Demand Side Response (selling surplus energy to the grid).

Eggs Business See Additional £90,000 in Green Energy Export From Wind Turbines & Solar Array

A large Egg business based in Aberdeenshire came to us to enquire about a Peer-2-Peer energy exchange platform which would allow them to sell the energy they generate from their 850kw wind turbine.

Previous they had been using a more traditional Power Purchase Agreement. The innovative Peer-2-Peer scheme is more streamlined, meaning generators can be paid more for the energy they generate – earning them an additional £90000pa.

Pub Chain Saved £135,000 Over 3 Years With Our Energy Broker

The hospitality industry has come under increasing pressure recently, however a pub chain recently spoke to our energy broker to see what could be done about reducing their energy costs.

Within a very short space of time, our broker had a put together a fully bespoke deal which included bringing all of the contract dates in line and under one supplier for their gas and electricity – resulting in a £45,000 saving pa for a 3 year contract – totalling £135,000.

Resolving Damaged Solar Panel Issues Using AI Software and Installation of More Solar Panels at an Academy School in South M/cr

We spoke to an academy school in South Manchester who had a large solar panel array on one of the building of one of their roofs. They felt the savings were not really sufficient for the size of the array. 

Working with our partners we investigated the performance of the system and identified that numerous panels were not working anything like full efficiency. 

Having identified the panels and repaired them, our partners were also able to install more solar on a separate building. We then signed the client to our Export-2-Import product to help reduce costs at other sites in the group.

Incredible value for money for members

What members of our club can look forward to…

Initial Consultation and Annual Reviews

A comprehensive review of current spend to identify immediate, short, mid and long term saving and earning opportunities.

Tailored Solutions Based On Your Needs

Using a vast network of partners, products and solutions we can give you an impartial approach to save you time and money.

Vetted Partners Guarantee Quality Service & Value

We work with trusted partners who we know provide excellent service, solutions and offer competitive pricing.

Continued Support Throughout Your Membership

Not only are we here for you when you need us, we will touch base with you regularly to see how things are progressing.

Cost Savings & Revenue Potential

Our club model is based around Return on Investment. The savings and earnings we identify will help keep you in the club.

The Bencorp members benefits

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