Neuro-Linguistic Programming to manage your Unconscious Mindset.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming to manage your Unconscious Mindset

Most people in business today have heard of NLP and what it relates to – but not always how it will help you, almost effortlessly, change your mind and manage your mindset to a more helpful way of thinking, feeling and associated behaviours.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have or will ever have.

Many people take years to learn about how to manage and understand their own mind and the reasons why they are who they are, think how they do and establish behaviour patterns that are less than helpful in so many areas of their life.

The power of understanding your own mind.

Once you better understand your mind and mindset management, the more opportunities you will have in your life.

You can change your mind and change your life as and when you need to, pivoting business or career, your lifestyle, how to use your skillset or natural talents and tendencies to work for rather than against your self.

We are socially taught to fit in, conform to the norms and most common ways of being and living but that doesn’t work for some people at all, and could give others more options than they might have here and now.

Is this you perhaps?

It is reported that 86% of people are unhappy at work and 73% unhappy in their personal lives. Some of these will overlap so some people are just unhappy!

So how can you change your mind, change your life?

Learn more about yourself

Firstly, learn about who you are and why.

Change a thought, feeling or behaviour and you change them all.

A new experience of a person or situation is a change in thinking and feeling, doing something different – like modelling behaviour of someone you admire that you want to develop for yourself, assertive poses that change how you feel inside – will change thoughts or perceptions too, can change your beliefs.

Making changes

Secondly, practice doing these new things all the time. Challenging your perception of negative events or people, changing behaviours that you want to have for yourself, challenge and change feelings and emotional reactions that don’t work for you today even if they did in the past.

Practice, Learn, Grow.

Thirdly, keep practicing, learning, growing, developing your options, knowledge insights and tools. This will help you keep moving forward, onward and upward, towards your natural tendency to ‘self actualise’ according to Maslow as you meet your natural, personal needs in your life. 

Become the person you could be, want to be and work towards becoming whether that is consciously or just unconsciously.

It is a natural drive you can harness and utilise more effectively to create a life you love and love the work you do every day!

Sam Monteath - employee engagement consultant

About Julie Crowley

Julie Crowley is a mindset management NLP coaching and hypnosis expert who runs her own practice in Lancashire.

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