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Techniques to help use your mindset to manage stress

Stress can be a huge inhibitor and can play havoc with your behaviour, decision-making abilities and your overall mindset. Here, Julie Cowley, a Mindset Coach explores different ways mindset management can help to manage stress… 

Have you ever tried relaxation through videos and music, noise recordings like waves or even white noise for neuro-diversity too?

Using Relaxation Tools

The video below from Edithburgh in South Australia, where I have dived before and the underwater scapes are amazing and shown here with relaxing music too, just immerse yourself in the experience of gently floating and watching quite safely!

It can help. Changes your focus from problem to peace.

Have one handy on your phone perhaps to turn on and watch, bring down the tension, be able to breathe easily again rather than short, sharp breaths and chest pains!

There are also apps that help on your phone for free or paid, depending on what you want.

I use my Reiki sound from my training and go into peaceful relaxation, or techniques like your body scan or personal guided meditation.

There are various options to help you to RELAX and RECUPERATE.

Setting Boundaries.

Yes, learning to say no, or not yet or things have to change and I can’t continue to take on more or keep doing what I have for you.

It’s OK. You rarely lose people by doing this which is people’s greatest fear consciously or unconsciously feared. Those who do leave are no longer getting their needs met by you perhaps; and those who stay can adjust to respecting your time and energy more and caring about your well-being so will appreciate when you can give them more time or attention.

Boundaries are necessary and part of every healthy, happy relationship. Just like your garden
fence or house walls – they are not flexible and moveable though. They protect you. They ensure what is your space remains yours with you in control – to say yes I can or not I can’t at
present or going forward.

These boundaries may be with workplace projects that just keep coming to you!

You have to say no, be aware of your capacity and acknowledge the limits and share those with colleagues, managers, those you manage or customers too and other stakeholders maybe.

Identifying Stress and Trigger Points

Other ways for self-care and compassion is to understand what stress is and the stressors that cause those discomforting feelings of the physiological ‘fight or flight’ stress reaction to threats to your wellbeing, of any kind – real or imagined, physical, environmental or cognitive, scary or annoying!

These feelings are felt in the torso and arms, legs too physically – like heart rate increasing, breathing quickening and stomach/digestion closing down dispelling undigested food – rather than distracting you from running or fighting. Also tension and fidgeting with hands tapping, arms waving around or legs bouncing – agitation encouraging you to move – run or fight, no third option!

These survival responses cannot be ‘rationalised’ but you can learn to understand and recognise them and then choose to manage them with specific tips and techniques that mimic running or fighting like exercise.

Finding the Positivity in Stress

Stress can be positive as well as negative too.

Positive stress drives you to meet deadlines, arrive on time or set off on time; it motivates you to try for more, to have a go, keep growing and learning and progressing in life.

It becomes negative stress that we socially refer to when you find you cannot meet the demands placed on you – by other people like your boss or partner, or yourself trying to please everyone, do it all and still keep smiling that is impossible really.

Stress Management Coaching

Stress management coaching does require a change in mindset with awareness and then feelings of control and capacity to make the necessary changes in your situation, environment or beliefs and expectations.

If you need support to understand and manage stress, Mindset Coaching can help you see other perspectives and change your own perceptions and those of others too perhaps.

Julie Crowley – Mindset Coach, NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner

Julie is a Mindset Coach, NLP & Hypnosis Practioner at ClearMind – providing personal coaching for business professionals.

Based in Saddleworth, near Oldham, Julie’s motto is “Removing barriers, Building dreams – Resolving problems, Building teams” and is available for face-to-face or online appointments.

Help us to Help You

To find out more about Julie’s services feel free to drop us a line and we would be more than happy to introduce you to Julie – or please feel free to find out more about Clearmind on the previous link provided. 

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