Is it time to switch to P2P Energy Trading?

Is  your PPA due for renewal? If so, read on…


If you could earn an uplift of between 30-40% on a traditional PPA by switching to a Peer-to-Peer product, would you?

As you consider your options and look for the best rates, we have your back. We can not only find you the best-in-market rates for PPAs, we can also give you an incredible option as an alternative.

Our Peer-2-Peer Energy Exchange is very similar to a PPA – you still get paid monthly, you would hardly notice any difference at all from a PPA – except your income is likely to be significantly higher.



But don’t take our word for it – why not see for yourself?

You may have heard of the term Peer-to-Peer being bandied about. This may be the first time you’ve ever come across it.

More and more generators and consumers are switching to P2P from PPA – so why not take a look and see how it compares for you? 

Our preferred partners offer both market-leading PPA and Peer-to-Peer rates. We are offering you the chance to take a look at both options and see for difference for yourself. 


So what are the benefits for a generator in switching to P2P?
Is P2P right for your generation site? What could you earn?

Bencorp for Export and Import Rates

Prefer to just get down to the numbers?

No problem, we’ll provide a best-in-market PPA quote VERSUS a best-in-market P2P quote. Call us on 0161 243 0299 or click the “request a quote” button.

 The Main Benefits of Peer-to-Peer

Whilst the P2P and PPA models are similar, the streamlined, direct energy exchange model of the P2P ticks the boxes of what are typically the 3 main concernsprice, credibility and simplicity.

Best in Market Rates & Regular Payments


A Peer-2-Peer rate which is typically 30-40% better than a PPA rate


Our partners will look to beat any other written quotation.


Trackable payments paid directly to you each month.

A Secure, Credible Product


A consumer pool of Triple-A Credit-Rated, high-deman consumers


Currently North of 300GWh in Exchange with 3.3TWh in the pipeline


Ofgem Regulated and already trading huge amounts of energy


Bankability is offered by demand customers

Felixibility and Simple to Switch


Transparency in who receives your energy - giving a greater level of security


Available to all types of Renewable Energy Generation


A choice of agreement terms available from 6 months to 15 years


A simple, fully-managed switch-over

Your energy is in safe hands...

Whatever size or type of renewable technology you have, we want your energy. We're more than happy to tell you more about the types of clients who will receive your energy and how we can get these market-leading rates. To find out more, fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a PPA and a P2P?

How does a Peer-2-Peer offer more than PPA?

 Who would get my energy?

Which is best for me – a PPA or switching to P2P?

How can you offer a best-in-market price promise?

What information do you need from me?

How secure is Peer-2-Peer model?

Are there any benefits for having multiple sites?

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