Innovative Solutions & Market-Leading Tariffs For The Energy You Generate.



Innovative Energy Exchange models to help you maximise earning potential and make the most of the energy you generate.

If you have a site which generates renewable energy then as Bencorp members, we can bring you a wide range of solutions to help you make the most of the opportunities which exist. 

From market-leading Power Purchase Agreements to revolutionary Peer-2-Peer energy exchange platforms, offering a slicker transition and the opportunity to be paired with large off-takers keen to buy green energy. 

Members of the Bencorp can also be opened up to the potential of utilising more of their own energy with solutions like Export2Import, where surplus energy can be switched in real-time to other sites within the group. 

If you have an export agreement due for renewal in the next 12 months, we want to hear from you.


export rates for solar farms and other green energy sources

Exported Energy Solutions for Green Energy Generators


Market-leading PPA tariffs regularly compared to all the main PPA providers.


Innovative new energy exchange solution offering typically 30% more than PPAs.


Share your excess energy with other sites in your business group.

Why choose our partners?

Saving You Time

Our partners remove the heavy-lifting out of the search and sort part of finding the right export deal. With access to your export data and an understanding of your site they’ll find the right deal and make the switch for you.

Best-in-Market Rates

Our partners have worked tirelessly over the years to find the most innovative and rewarding export deals on the market. It is on through their relationships are these bespoke, best-in-market rates available.

Excellent Customer Service

Our partners understand the importance of your asset and continually work hard on your behalf to find you the best deals and keep your business moving forward with excellent customer service.

Tailored Solutions

Our partner’s greatest asset is an understanding of the market place and timing is crucial. Working with our partners means your package will be tailored to you and the market trends to ensure you have the best possible outcome.


Our Peer-to-Peer product currently has multiple generation clients generating over 200gWh through multiple renewable technologies.

Our largest single generation site is currently generating 20gWh per annum.


All consumers are vetted and are all Triple-A Credit Rated. Some of our consumers include local authorities and large organisations from the public and private sectors. 

Demand for some of the consumers is at over 240GWh of energy.


We recently provided a Peer-to-Peer agreement for their 850kW and 330kW wind turbines and 200 kW of Solar PV.

In doing so, we have added over £90,000 PER ANNUM compared to the renewal quote from their current PPA agreement over a 12 month period.


We recently provided a Peer-to-Peer agreement for a client with a 20kW wind turbine with 80,000kWh production per annum. They were previously receiving 50% deemed export at £0.04p = £1600 per annum

With our Peer-to-Peer Agreement, even with any minimal costs covered for Meter Install/MOPS/Data Collection and Membership Fees, the client still saw a Net Gain in Year 1 of £3900.

What could you earn?….


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