EV Chargepoint Grants UPDATE – Funding available for State-funded Education Sites & Extension to previous Workplace Grants

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Boost for Schools & Colleges Over EV Chargepoint Funding – as Extension Also Announced For Workplace Grants.

We reported last month that there were a couple of grants available for Workplace EV Chargepoint installation – and more on this shortly – but we have more good news for the EV infrastructure, with the announcement that State-funding Education Sites can now also claim for EV chargepoint installation.

What grants are available for Schools & Colleges?

The Government this week announced that all “eligible state-funded education institutions” can claim a grant for installing EV Chargepoint Sockets at their site(s).

The amount which can be claimed for is for upto 75% off the cost of the purchase and install of a socket upto either;

    • a maximum of £2500 per socket or; 
    • 40 sockets across all sites (including any applications made through the previous Workplace Charging Scheme).

Those wishing to take advantage of the scheme will receive a voucher which is valid for 180 days from issue and the works must be completed in this time. 

Other considerations for schools and colleges.

As with all commercial Electric Vehicle chargepoint installations, it must be carried out by an authorised installer for commercial premises.

The chargepoints can also be made for us by the general public. This could be a source of revenue for schools potentially – and our EV Chargepoint speciliast partners will be able to advise you on both opening them for public use AND being able to earn from them.

Applications are open NOW and are available close on 31st March 2025 – so just over a year to move on this – but booking in for the Easter / Summer holidays now makes a lot of sense. 

The WCS, OZEV Grant & DVLA Inftrastructure Grants to be Extended

In last month’s article we told you about the WCS, OZEV Grant. (where you can claim for £350.00 per socket upto a cap of 40 sockets being installed) and the DVLA Infrastructure Grant – where you receive a whopping £500.00 towards the infrastructure being installed with a maximum of 10 x Grants PER SITE. 

These grants were originally due to run out at the end of March this year but it looks like the Government have decided to extend this deadline too to 31st March 2025 in-line with the schools grant.

If you would like to find out more about either of these options then please complete the form below and we’d be happy to introduce you to our partner.

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