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Green Electricity Matching

Imagine if your business could use green electricity sourced directly from local green energy generators? By becoming a green energy off-taker, that can become the reality.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Reduce Your Need to Invest in Green Tech & Reduce Your Electricity Costs.

Many businesses in the UK face two main issues when it comes to it’s electricity consumption. 

The first is tackling the spiralling costs of electricity. The second is the obligations placed on it to reduce it’s carbon footprint. 

One of the ways that a business could tackle both of these issues head-on would be to use as much green energy as possible. 

Of course, some businesses may already have their own renewable solutions in place – such as solar panels.

But for many businesses and organisations – especially with multiple sites, it isn’t possible or practical to install enough solar to cover 100% consumption across the group.

So what if there was a way your entire UK business could purchase green energy already being generated, directly from green energy generators in the same region- with no investment in technology required?

6 Benefits of purchasing green electricity directly from local generators.


Reduced Carbon Footprint

Using green energy will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help towards Net Zero targets.

Reduced Energy Costs

By purchasing green energy directly you could look to save between 20-25% on the best market rates

Energy Matched For You

Our partners will find a match based on your consumption and business needs.

Flexible Terms Available

Our partners work hard to fit the terms to your needs to make sure both parties are happy.

Support Local Generators

By matching with generators in your electricity district you help keep energy produced local stay local.

Fully Managed Process

Our Ofgem-regulated partners will manage the process for you – removing the heavy-lifting.

Let Us Find Your Energy Match

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