Make instant reductions in your business energy costs using AI energy management tools.


AI Energy Management Tools offer immediate savings on your business energy bills.

As part of our remit to look at ways of reducing your energy costs, the use of AI Energy Management Tools is one option to consider.

Our partners provide innovative AI platforms that are tech-light, easily implemented, low cost and highly effective, giving incredible returns on investment – with typical savings around 10-15% in the first year.

Reduce Costs. Improve Carbon Footprint.

Businesses in the UK are believed to waste as much as 20-40% of the energy they consume – meaning billions of pounds are spent unnecessarily each year – whilst adding to the country’s carbon footprint.

Using AI Energy Management Tools offer many benefits that counter these issues- from immediate time and cost-savings, by almost instantly identifying and resolving issues in your energy usage to improving your company’s carbon footprint.

What’s more, the learning mechanisms in the AI platforms ensure the results get smarter and quicker as time progresses – giving you smarter, quicker savings.

If you would like to find out more about the suitability of AI energy management tools for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.

businesses benefitting from energy management tools

The benefits of AI Energy Managment Platforms

We can introduce you to one of the most cost-effective AI Energy Management Platforms on the market. Here’s just some of the key benefits.

EMMA AI platform
Quick and easy to implement with no hardware required helping keep costs down.
Simple, easy to understand instructions that can be emailed to key users (store managers, directors etc).
Issues quickly identified and resolutions offered in almost real-time.
Typical costs are less than 2% of your annual energy bill with typical savings between 10-15%

The businesses that benefit from this AI Platform

High Energy Usage Businesses

Any business with high energy usage – typical manufacturing, production and processing businesses relying on high volume.


For businesses with many sites such as retail, utilising an AI platform is great for quickly identifying and resolving energy churn.


For local authorities and public buildings such as libraries, schools, leisure centres – AI Energy Management offers much needed respite.

High Business Energy Spend

For any business with energy bills more than £50000pa the opportunity for a decent return on investment makes an AI platform a viable option.

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