AI Energy Management Solutions – Answers the issues you didn’t realise you had

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AI Energy Management Solutions – Saving businesses and organisations £000’s in wasted energy.

We are regularly introduced to lots of different energy management solutions. However, when we were recently introduced to what we believe is one of the most cost-effective AI Energy Management solutions on the market.

So what is so appealing and how does it work?

What is AI and what are the benefits to it?

Before delving into this rather fantastic solution, it’s worth pausing for a moment to understand what AI is. 

AI (artificial intelligence) technology is seemingly everywhere these days.

You may see it receiving a mixed level of response – from nods of approval at how cost and labour saving it can be – to fears that it is taking over the globe and how we’ll all soon be jobless and being over-run by robots – mainly by people on social media. 

The reality is though, whether you like it or not, AI does have some huge benefits which ultimately result in significant cost benefit and time savings.

The benefits of the technology though are arguably the most significant development since the internet.

AI isn’t just about processing data. It’s real value is in it’s capabilities to interpret the data, receive feedback and then improve it’s output and thanks to it’s learning mechanisms.

It then rinses and repeats this process, becoming more intuitive and making more improvements as time goes on.

Whichever way you shake it, that is powerful stuff.

Using AI within the Energy Marketplace

In the UK, businesses spend £24 BILLION a YEAR on energy – with most wasting as much as 20-40% of the energy they pay for.

There are 2 problems facing business – one identifying where the waste is and what to do about it – but also, many businesses may not even realise just how much energy they are really wasting in the first place.

Without AI, there is little out there that can pinpoint the issues anywhere nearly as quickly and as accurately – and certainly not without investing heavily in hardware, censors etc…

This is where AI and, in particular, our AI Energy Management solution partners come in. 

The AI Energy Management Solution

Our partners have developed an innovative AI platform which uses a simple, unobtrusive AI platform to access, analyse, interpret and report on your existing energy usage data.

It simply accesses your half-hourly consumption data by connecting to relevant site meters and sub-meters at your relevant business premises.

Once connected it is left to analyse the data and compare it with other data from within it’s own AI platform and millions of recognisable outcomes, forming a unique view of each site and identifying issues.

Clear, concise instructions are then sent to designated users to raise awareness of issues and likely causes.

EMMA AI platform

The user can then start to take immediate action on relevant points, whilst providing feedback to help the AI platform build a clearer picture of what is actually happening.

This feedback is crucial to helping the AI infrastructure improve itself and reduce your costs quicker.

The value of the AI Energy Management Solution

For businesses with high energy consumption and / or multiple sites – the AI platform can offer an invaluable function.

It can be used – for example – for estate-wide reporting, highlighting league-table performance, operational grouping and maintenance performance as needed.

However, the real value is in the cost-savings and the reduction in carbon footprint for a company.

The best example comes from their case study with one of the largest and well-known betting companies in the UK.

They have 1400 shops nationwide. By embracing the information from the AI platform, they have managed to reduce their energy bill by £234,000 pa (equivalent to 131 tonnes of CO2)  by rolling it out to their East region stores first. 

As a result, they are now rolling it out nationwide where they are anticipating to save around £380,000 pa.

Isn’t it possible to achieve this without AI?

For the vast majority of businesses where there are multiple sites, or large sites with mass energy consumption, it simply isn’t economical or time-critical enough to be able to analyse the sheer volume of data available and come to the same conclusions as quickly and as accurately as AI.

What’s more, as AI solutions go, what we really liked about this is that is low-risk and comes with many financial benefits that can help a business start saving right away.

It means;

  • no capex required​.
  • no hardware needed.
  • no incremental headcount to operate​.
  • with easy to follow advice and instructions, making change is simpler and quicker to implement.

Not only this, but as the costs are based on annual subscription, with customers typically find the cost of this particular solution is equivalent to less than 2% of their energy spend, with total savings in year one often exceeding 10% of their energy spend on a site-by-site basis – and a figure which is only likely to grow from year two onwards.

Risk-Free Pilot Scheme Available

Such is the confidence in the product, there is a risk-free pilot option available – whereby you can try the platform out for three months on upto 10 buildings – so you can see the potential before fully committing.

If you would like to find out more about the Pilot Scheme for your business, please complete the form below and one of our team will contact you to see if it would be worth your while.

Find out more about the Pilot Scheme…

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